Benjamin Merkelbach is a songwriter, music and radio producer with a long history of managing and promoting events. His songs and collaborations have been released on numerous compilations worldwide, including some of the most successful volumes of the emblematic Café Del Mar series. He co-founded Open Mind Music/O.M.M. Sounds, the first electronic music label on Ibiza and has managed events in all of the island´s major clubs, such as Space, Amnesia, Privilege, Ushuaia and Pacha. He produces weekly radio shows since 2007, including the renowned AMFM with close to 6 million listeners on 49 stations worldwide as well as his own finca am Radio Show on Ibiza Global Radio. Read more in Biography

Benjamin´s work includes:


Radio Show & Podcast Management of Chris Liebing´s “Spinclub Radio Show”, “CLR Podcast” and “AMFM” (05/2007 – present)

Community Management of Chris Liebing’s “Mixcloud Select” streaming channel (05/2020 – present)

Radio Show Management of “finca am Radios Show” (03/2011 – present)

Event Management “The Pharm” at Pacha/Ibiza (winter seasons 2015 & 2016)

Club Management “Veto Social Club” (04/2014 – 12/2014)

Night Management “Used & Abused” at Ushuaia/Ibiza (summer season 05/2013 – 09/2013)

Night Management “All Together Lost” at Amnesia/Ibiza (06/2011)

Event Management “finca am” at various clubs and beach bars including Pacha/Ibiza, Sankey´s, Sirrocco, Lola´s (03/2011 – 2018)

Night Management “be@ Space”, “Kehakuma”, “CLR Showcases” & weekly one off events at Space/Ibiza (summer season 05/2010 – 09/2010)

Night Management “be&@Space”, “Kehakuma” at Space/Ibiza (summer season 05/2009 – 09/2009)

Night Management “be&@Space” at Space/Ibiza (summer season 05/2008 – 09/2008)

Night Management “Spinclub” at Space/Ibiza (summer season 05/2007 – 09/2007)

Event Management Open Mind Music / O.M.M. Sounds parties at various clubs and beach bars on Ibiza such as Blue Marlin, Ku, Privilege (1995 – 2018)


(Collaborations: music composition and/or lyrics and/or production)

Slow Pulse feat. Cathy Battistessa “Riva”
Café Del Mar Music / Spain “Café Del Mar Essentials 3” (2020)
O.M.M. Sounds / Spain “finca am – Electronica Balear” (2011)
More Music / Germany “Ambient Lounge Vol.7” (2004)
More Music / Germany “Best Of Café Ibiza” (2003)
La Marina / Ibiza “Coleccion Privada Vol.1” (2002)
Edel / Germany “Lebensart Music.two” (2002)
Vidisco / Portugal “Chill Out” (2001)
React Music Ltd. / UK “21st Century Chill Out” (2001)
Mushroom / Australia “Café Del Mar Vol.7” (2000)
Mercury / UK “Café Del Mar Vol.7” (2000)

Levitation feat. Cathy Battistessa “More Than Ever People”
O.M.M. Sounds / Spain “finca am – Electrónica Balear” (2011)
Universal / Germany “Saturn – Chill Out Edition”(2002)
Eros Music / Greece “Blue – Superior Chill Out Collection.” (2002)
Blanco and Negro / Spain “Chill Out / The Album”(2002)
Zona Musica / Portugal “Praia Caffe” (2001)
Energy Production / Italy “Essential Chill Out” (2001)
Edel Records/ Germany “Lebensart” (2001)
BMG / Belgium “Mosquito Bar” (2001)
Peppermint Jam / Germany “Palo Palo Vol.5” (2000)
Universal / Italy “Café De La Luna” (1999)
More Music / Germany “Café Ibiza Vol.3” (1999)
Mushroom / Australia “Café Del Mar Vol.5” (1998)
Mercury / UK “Café Del Mar Vol.5” (1998)

Luke Sanders feat. Paco Fernandez & Joanne Shenandoah “The Moon Is Still Lit”
O.M.M. Sounds / Spain “finca am – Electrónica Balear” (2011)
WEA Records / Germany “Luke Sanders – Fight For Life” (Artist album / 1998)
Open Mind Music / Spain “Sunchild” (Artist album 1995)

Slow Pulse feat. Noelle “Children Of Bokonon”
O.M.M. Sounds / Spain “finca am – Electrónica Balear” (2011)

Slow Pulse feat. Cathy Battistessa “Many Steps”
O.M.M. Sounds / Spain “finca am – Electrónica Balear” (2011)

Lux Second feat. Nuwella “Juice”
O.M.M. Sounds / Spain “finca am – Electrónica Balear” (2011)

Slow Pulse “The Witness”
Cocoon Recordings / Germany “Silk Pearls” (2006)

Paco Fernandez “It´s Dreamtime”
Edel Records / Germany “Sal Y Sol“ (Artist album 2003)
O.M.M. Sounds / Spain “Atman” (Artist album 1997)

Denis Stern feat. Cathy Battistessa “One Heart“
4 Fun Music (BMG) / Germany “Bombay To Ibiza“ (2003)

Fous De La Mer feat. Sol “Never Stop Loving“
More Music / Germany “Café Ibiza Vol.6“ (2002)

Joe Nevada “Lonely Hearts“
Made In Ibiza / UK “Thrills & Chills“ (2002)

Joanne Shenandoah “Unexplained“
Red Feather Music / US “Eagle Cries“ (Artist album 2001)

Bansan feat. Cathy Battistessa “Bird Beyond Fear”
Ibizarre Records / Spain “Ambient Collection Vol.3” (1999)